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You've put it off long enough. In fact, you've put it off too long. Your family is in the next room and you've got NOTHING. Click through to get SOMETHING.
The beauty of Birchbox is that it comes every month, so you don't even need it to be there on Christmas morning. Buy a subscription and whip up a card as fast as you can. Man or woman, this will make your recipient think you spent a lot of time on them.
Spotify Premium
Music to the rescue! Anybody who appreciates their headphone time will be over the moon for this. You can buy four different flights of membership and prices range from $9.99 to $119.98. When they make that sad "No present from you?" face on Christmas morning just be like PSYCH! I got you Spotify!
Theater Tickets
Oh man! Why didn't you think of this before? Moms and dads love theater tickets. We just took a family trip to go see Motown. Go see that.
The House Bunny
Buying for somebody with an iPad? Awesome! Get them a movie. Elana, our senior editor, suggests The House Bunny. I cosign this. Just hit the "gift this movie" option in iTunes. Easy as pie.
Nordstrom Gift Card
I have actually pulled this move in the past. Nordstrom gift cards are like the superhero before the meteor crashes into the earth. It's always darkest before the dawn and then—Nordstrom!
Ice Cream Club
Imagine if that time of the month meant an artisan ice cream arriving at your door. Well now, it can! This is the best gift since the wise men went to the manger. Ice cream! Set up the membership and say, "It's on the way!"
Fancy Dinner and a Movie
Pick your person's absolute favorite restaurant—one where it's impossible to get a reservation. Maybe it's in the city, maybe it's not—doesn't matter. Book an Opentable reservation for however many guests and buy a bunch of movie tickets, too. You are paying for everything, because you're the one who couldn't get your act together to buy them a scarf last week.