Gift Guide: The Best Last-Minute Presents for New Parents And Babies

For Future Top Chefs

Ages: 2 — 4

Feels like they're really cutting—but no bloody mess!

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Buying gifts for kids seems like it should be totally easy (kids love anything fun, don’t they?), but it’s so not. For example, even if you buy the most adorable stuffed animal for your three-month-old niece, chances are she won’t even notice it for another year and a half. And worst-case scenario, you end up buying something that looks sublime for a tot...only to get home and see the tag that screams "choking hazard!" So you’ve been avoiding this particular shopping challenge, and now that it’s one week before Christmas, you've risked looking like the worst aunt ever. Well, no worries. Here’s a slideshow of perfect gifts for little ones—and their cool parents—and if you order today or tomorrow, they’ll all arrive in time to go under your tree!


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