Our Stress-Free Guide To Light Fall Layering

The Outerwear: A Boxy Tweed Jacket

Lower Layer: Longer cut T-shirts and tanks, hanging loose or tucked in. But nothing exactly the same length as the jacket! It looks forced and awkward.

Top Layer Option: A casual shawl provides extra warmth an makes the prim-and-proper cut of the blazer feel a little less formal. Bonus!

Styling Tip: A-line skirts and fit-and-flare dresses are just the right silhouette to balance a Coco Chanel jacket's square proportions. Pants should be exaggerated shape as well, so go for legging-like skinny or wide leg.

Digital Writer

There's so much more to fall layering than just tossing an overcoat over a new sweater. Master the art of wearing multiple tops at once this autumn with my handy tips in the slideshow above.


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