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Obsessed with Ryan Gosling? Then you'll love the 13 dreamy presents in the slideshow ahead!
If the eyes are the windows to the soul, let the ears be the windows to your heart.
Ryan's one guy who looks good in every color.
An obvious choice for anyone who's crazy about Nicolas Winding Refn's fantastic film Drive.
Not sure if you can pull off that white satin bomber jacket? Why not opt for a dantier, more feminine take on The Driver's favorite motif.
"Hey girl, wanna pour out your feelings?"
Remember when Ryan wore that fantastic cream-piped navy pajama shirt in Cannes back in 2011? Now you can wear something similar to bed. Mmm.
With this in our hot little hands, we'd actually volunteer to do those post-dinner dishes.
Lest you've forgotten, Ryan's a total Renaissance man. His group Dead Man's Bones' 2009 self-titled debut album, intriguingly inspired by Gosling and his bandmate's mutual love of ghosts and goblins, is packed with great music that's just as appropriate for Christmas as it is for Halloween. We especially love "Pa Pa Power" and "My Body's a Zombie for You."
Come on baby, light my fire.
Gosling just gets us.
Do you really, really love that Nicholas Sparks-based tearjerker? Then you'll flip for this special box set, which includes 12 deleted scenes, four making-of featurettes, a 46-page photo and scrapbook album based on the film's story, decorative stickers, notecards and more. Tissues sold separately, of course.
Every time your phone rings, pretend it's Ryan on the other end.