Gift Guide: Under-$15 Options For a Secret Santa Swap

Want to give the best gift at your upcoming Secret Santa exchange? Click through to make it happen.

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Digital Writer

Secret Santa swaps are all fun and games until you get stuck with the toughest person to shop for. Then, as if picking out a thoughtful, somewhat personalized present isn't hard enough, you've got to do so while adhering to an impossibly low budget (because who does a sky's-the-limit Secret Santa?) and stressing over the big group exchange. Everyone sees what everyone picked out, so going in with something lame is a million times more awkward than usual. The pressure is on.

Chances are, too, that someone in your crew's going to cheat a little (there's no way that embossed leather pouch cost less than $15), and another's going to flaunt her Martha Stewart-like skills by hand-knitting socks or making French macarons from scratch (SERIOUSLY?!). Good thing, then, that you'll have one of the next-level presents from the slideshow above to fall back on, all under $15—with a few under $10!—and available online now. Click through to be the best Secret Santa ever.


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