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Weekender Bag
You need a durable bag to fill with all your clothes and beauty items. A soft leather weekender is easy to squish into the back of your overstuffed car—and requires no wheeling around.
Something big enough to carry a couple bottles of water, sunscreen, snacks, camera and towel is best.
Looking good, feeling good. Click through to shop some Bonnaroo fashion essentials.
One of two things will happen at Bonnaroo: either it will pour, or it will be scorching hot. It's best to be prepared for both situations! This coat is super lightweight, comes in a variety of colors and even packs up into its own pocket. Simple to stow away when you're not using it—but a total lifesaver in the case of some Southern thunderstorms!
Find your favorite comfy pair of shorts and pack them. Pack two pairs if you like. Go for looser ones, though—tight shorts and lots of sweat never mix well.
Comfortable is the key word here. You need enough heel to give your feet some support, but don't be that girl in high heels at a music festival. Pack some extra insoles while you're at it—you won't regret it.
Pack a couple so you can easily toss—or lose—them. From pulling back dirty hair to wiping away dirt and sweat to covering up cuts, these are required, not suggested.
Your phone will die at some point during Bonnaroo, guaranteed. Pack a watch—preferably one that's waterproof—to ensure you don't miss the start of a single show.
This navy pullover is light, but will keep you warm on a cool evening. Plus, it's locally designed and printed in Tennessee.
Extra Socks
Bring more socks then you think you'll need—and underwear, too. There's nothing worse than wet feet! Keep your extras in a plastic bag so they don't accidentally get damp or dirty. Your feet will thank you.
Don't skimp on cheap shades. Classic Wayfarers look good on any face shape, and these are polarized, too.
A great-fitting bathing suit should already be part of your summer wardrobe, and is essential for Bonnaroo's sweltering temps. PilyQ has magic suits that manage to fit every body type perfectly—test them out and tell me that you don't love them. I dare you.
Beauty Products
From sun protection to general hygiene, don't skimp on your toiletries at a music festival. Click through to shop some Bonnaroo beauty essentials.
Moisturizer With SPF
Two-in-one product alert! This tinted moisturizer will help cover up dark circles and breakouts—but best of all, it's got SPF 30, so there's no need to pile on extra sunscreen before applying.
A little goes a long way with Dr. Bronner's. Opt for a smaller bottle so you're not weighed down! Just a few drops will get you squeaky clean.
Spray Sunscreen
Not all sunscreens are created equal. Coola is particularly, well, cool because it lacks that telltale sunscreen scent.
Lip Balm With SPF
There are few things worse than sunburnt lips. We love the light tint these Neutrogena balms have—they'll give you just a touch of color.
Wet Wipes
Sure, you can wait in line to get your hair washed or to shower—but do you really want to spend valuable concert-going time doing that? Of course not. Stick to Wet Ones for quick body cleansing—arms, armpits, legs and feet. For your face, Yes to Cucumbers should be your go-to—they even have aloe vera will help with any sun damage.
Bug Repellant
Bugs can be a real problem, especially in the South. If you attract bugs—some of us just naturally do—try some Spotz. They stick to your clothes and will keep you bug-free all day long.
No one likes getting hurt, but there's a good chance it'll happen at an outdoor festival. A variety pack of bandages is a smart call—in case of blisters, bug bites or small cuts, you'll be covered.
These items will keep you entertained, powered up and enjoying a good night's sleep throughout the fest. Click through to shop more Bonnaroo must-haves.
Like we said before, your phone will probably die at some point. Bring a digital camera, a disposable or a Polaroid to ensure no memorable moments get missed.
Block out those noisy neighbors or that concert that's still going on at 4 am with these bad boys. Even though you'll probably only be sleeping for three hours, make those zzz's as comfortable as possible.
Wireless Charger
A smart investment, for obvious reasons.
Portable Fan
Whether you're sleeping to waiting for shows to start, a portable—and rechargeable—fan is necessary. This one will fit into a backpack!