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Your dad may be modest and unassuming, but he still deserves the best.

Click through for some of the best gifts to show your dad how much you care this Father's Day.

Razors are a hot commodity that men seem to take very seriously. A gift card or gift subscription to a razor service will make your dad's life so much easier.
Dads and kids are not entirely dissimilar, so it's no surprise that dads secretly love to play with their food. A condiment gun will give your dad an excuse to kick back and have fun without looking too crazy.
Does your dad spend countless hours each day tending to his garden? Save him hours of labor and headaches with a self-watering planter—so that he can spend his free time relaxing instead.
If your dad is constantly trying to improve his game, this may be the added boost he needs to become a golf pro.
I won't lie—I'm terrified of needles, so the idea of an acupuncture mat doesn't exactly give me the warm fuzzies. But anyone who has ever experienced back discomfort will surely love this easy, at-home solution.
Whether your dad is already a master on the grill or needs some serious help to improve his skills, a set of gourmet seasonings will surely be appreciated (not to mention you'll probably get some good dinners out of it!).
Is it just me, or do dads love random gadgets? Whether your father is a space cadet or not, a key-finding remote control will surely make his morning rush out the door easier.
Why do dads always have such rough hands? Put the "man" back into "manicure" with this kit of balms and soaps created especially with dad in mind.
A Swiss Army knife is pretty cool, but this bad boy takes productivity to a whole new level.
Maybe your dad has that one special bottle of brandy that he wants to hoard all for himself. Who could blame him? Or maybe you've got some mischievous younger siblings who still live at home. In either case, this is a nifty way for your dad to protect what's important!
If your dad is a business man who's constantly meeting new people and shaking lots of hands, this may be one way to help him stay healthy at work during those dodgy winter months.
Dads are kind of like superheroes in that they always seem to be prepared to save the day. A roadside emergency kit will ensure that he is well equipped at a moment's notice.
This is a pretty ingenious way to save money on your favorite refreshments while at sporting events—not that I condone any illegal activity, of course!
There's nothing more manly than asserting one's authority as the leader of the pack—or the grill. Help your dad solidify his status as neighborhood barbecue guru with a monogrammed meat branding kit.
Any wine enthusiast dad will be thrilled to come home to the perfect glass of vino every single night. This is a surefire way to help him unwind and forget the stress of work.
Cuff links are a pretty standard gift. But cuff links that give off a WiFi signal? Now that's a game changer any dad will appreciate.