25 Practical Graduation Gifts: The Best Presents For Every Major

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Graduating from college can be pretty intimidating; make sure that your loved ones are ready to be shipped off into the "real world" to start their careers. Click through to shop the best gifts for grads, all broken down by major!

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May is a month that not only brings warm weather, rooftop parties, and weekend barbecues, but that also ushers a new wave of young men and women into the adult world. Ah, graduation season! Between coordinating accommodations for family, making dinner reservations and sitting for hours waiting for your name to be called, graduation is stressful, to say the least. And while the ceremony is an optional affair, commencement is a symbolic rite of passage that many parents proudly attend and celebrate with fancy meals, maybe a party, and definitely a few presents.

There are arguably lots of things that a newly-graduated young adult needs in order to successfully launch themselves into the "real world;" however, I'll argue that some things are more useful than others—it all depends on what sort of career path the person is looking to pursue. So I've broken down the graduation gift-giving formula based on various majors—click through to shop the best grad gifts right now!


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