Lucky's Four-Step Guide To Throwing The Ultimate Fourth Of July Party—Without OD'ing On Red, White And Blue

Step One: Consider an Outdoor Setting

Your party setting is key, and I recommend picking an open and airy (read: outdoor) venue that lends itself to barbecues and sparklers as the sun sets. This may not be entirely possible in a cramped city, so instead opt for a rooftop party or see if there is a public park space that you can reserve for an afternoon.
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Party planning is pretty stressful, but when you do it right and plan ahead, things will go off without a hitch, leaving you to relax as you go down in history as one of the best hostesses in your friend group. And with the Fourth of July just a few days away (why is summer flying by so quickly?), it's time to start getting ready for any festivities that you'll be enjoying over the long holiday weekend to come.

Before you let yourself get frazzled and stressed while looking at your impending to-do list, pause and take a deep breath. Ready? Go ahead and click through the above slideshow so that you can be fully prepared to throw the ultimate Fourth of July party!


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