Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts For Him And Her

For Her

Yes, giving her a beautiful bouquet on Valentine's Day is a sweet gesture. But giving her fresh flowers every single month for the next year? Now that's a grand gesture, and one she won't soon forget. You can pick from a variety of different blooms; we recommend classic roses.
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Senior Digital Editor

So you waited until the very last second to do your Valentine's Day shopping this year—again. We don't blame you in the slightest; after all, if there's one holiday that always manages to sneak up on you with all the silent stealthiness of a rose- and chocolate-bearing ninja, it's V-Day. Don't worry. Take a deep breath, and click through above to shop 10 can't-miss Valentine's Day presents–five for her, five for him, although a number of them can truly be shared—that are sure to delight that special someone in your life.


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