How To Pack For Every Type Of Memorial Day Getaway

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Memorial Day is just around the corner! Click through to see all of your packing essentials, for every type of trip!

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This coming Monday is Memorial Day, which means summer is officially underway! While there's nothing quite like enjoying happy hour with friends after the work day and rooftop barbecues (for us city dwellers, at least), what I really look forward to is vacation. For many, the first official trip that they'll take this summer will be a brief getaway over the long Memorial Day weekend.

You'd think that packing for only three or four days would be easier than a full-blown vacation, right? But sometimes I find exactly the opposite to be true. Think about it: a shorter trip means a smaller suitcase means less space for clothes, and how could you possibly not pack a different pair of shoes plus matching handbag for every single activity planned over the course of the weekend? Okay, so I'm exaggerating just a smidge, but it really be tricky to prioritize what you should and shouldn't bring with you when a trip is so brief. Hopefully I can help alleviate some of that stress—click through the above slideshow for a complete list of packing essentials for every type of weekend getaway!


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