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Memorial Day is just around the corner! Click through to see all of your packing essentials, for every type of trip!
Beach Trip With Friends
So you're going to the beach with your friends for a few days—lucky you! Whether your sticking to a beach just a few hours up the coast from you or hopping on a plane down to Miami, you're definitely in for a trip packed with good times, and probably very little sleep. Click through to see the best packing essentials for a weekend getaway with your girlfriends!
At The Beach
Beach days tend to be super casual. Just make sure to have some sort of appropriate cover-up in the instance that you decide to have a sit-down lunch somewhere rather than a towel-side picnic.
In the Evening
If you go out in the evening with your girlfriends, you may want to dress up a little bit. Opt for a slinky tank and some platform sandals, but be sure to carry a light jacket with you—you may be at the beach, but once the sun sets it can still get chilly!
A Weekend With Your Family
I can't think of many things better than the comfort of a home-cooked meal and being pampered by my parents—it's fun to feel like a kid every once and a while. Click through for the complete list of everything you'll need for a weekend with your family. 
Day to Evening
If you're spending a weekend with your family, you probably won't need to get too dressed up at any point, but you'll still want to look presentable. This is the perfect time to throw on a cute sundress and some espadrilles. If it gets chilly, a light sweater or pullover will keep you warm, and can even make it look like an entirely new outfit!
Casual Daywear
During the day, you can keep things super casual and low-key, there's no need to get all dolled up (unless you have a family event of some sort). Dress for comfort with a cute pair of ankle jeans and a light sweater and top it off with a pair of slip on sneakers.
A Staycation
Maybe you're not traveling at all, but that doesn't mean you can't still treat the long weekend like a vacation, right? Your Memorial Day weekend will surely still be jam packed with picnics in the park, cookouts in good company, and maybe some rooftop tanning (just please don't forget your sunscreen!). Click through to check out everything you'll need to make your staycation with friends a weekend to remember!
Outdoor Games
If you are staying home during the long weekend, you'll surely be spending a ton of time outdoors with your friends. Bring along some games and sporting goods to help the hours fly, and especially don't forget the SPF!
Picnic Essentials
Be prepared to host the ultimate picnic in the park with music and a blanket big enough for the whole group. If you want to get really into it, get a deluxe picnic set, complete with ceramic servingware to ensure that yours is the classiest picnic in the park.
A Nature Trip
For something a little more excursionist, like a hiking trip or a lake getaway, you won't need to worry about packing frivolities like fancy dinner frocks and your cutest, shiniest sandals. But there are definitely other things you'll need to remember. Click through for a checklist of all the things you'll need for a nature adventure!
Comfortable Athletic Gear
If you're spending your weekend in the mountains, on a lake, hiking, camping or any combination of the above, you'll want to wear things that are comfortable and easy to move around in. Stick to your workout essentials, and carry and extra layer for when the evening rolls around.
Protect Yourself From The Elements
You may want to bring a swimsuit if you are anywhere near water, but also be sure to include a hat to protect yourself from the sun, as well as some thick socks and bug spray. Last, but certainly not least, toast to the end of a successful hike with handy wine-to-go cups.
A Weekend in Wine Country
For those who prefer a more low-key vacation, a trip into wine country may be just what the doctor ordered. Swap out the margaritas and barbecue skewers for a heaping glass of cold rosé and maybe a quick trip to the spa. Paradise! Click through for our country trip packing essentials.
Keep Things Casual Chic
A weekend in wine country is a classy affair, so be prepared to dress up slightly moreso than you may on a usual weekend. Keep things looking refined but unassuming with a pair of nicer denim and a relaxed top, then add some sparkle with your shoes or accessories.
Dress Up A Little In The Evening
For the evening, wouldn't it be super romantic to go out to an upscale dinner with your significant other? Get dressed up in something that says both 'elegant' and 'unbelievably cool,' like a tailored sundress and an of-the-moment heel. Have fun with it!