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Channel the original road trip mavens Thelma and Louise (but maybe avoid the gunfights) and go see all the major sights the US of A has to offer. Click through to shop everything you need for the ultimate American road trip!
Road trips include plenty of outdoor activities—and dirty hair. A baseball cap provides shade and hides any second- (or third-) day hair.
A muscle tee guarantees your shoulders get some sun.
Even in the car, your skin needs sun protection.
Are there any sunglasses more classic than aviators?
Snacks are arguably the most important part of any road trip. Stock up on all your favorites on your way out of town!
Sleeping in the car can cause a serious crick in your neck. Alleviate pain with a handy neck pillow.
Conserve your iPhone's juice with a wireless charger—a necessity when there's a long time between stops with outlets.
Overalls have no waistbands, making seated snack time that much better.
Keds are consistently comfy, and this patriotic pair is too cute to pass up.
There's just something so cool and boho about a head wrap.
If you love flip-flops, pack a pair. They're easy on-off shoes that are also handy for facing down those motel showers.
While all smartphones have cameras these days, throw it back with the original disposable kind! Getting your pics developed after the trip is over is always a fun surprise.
For cat naps, a cozy blanket is essential (the fuzzier, the better!).
A light sweatshirt is good to throw on when the car's AC is on full blast.
Find that delicate balance between staying hydrated and not having to stop every five minutes for a restroom.
Frozen feet are no laughing matter!
Throw it back to the most classic car game ever.
Pack a pair of fleece sweatpants for easy nighttime layering.
For that third-day messy bun, try a tie with a patriotic twist.
No road trip is complete without an epic playlist!