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Let's celebrate mom, shall we? Click through to see 50 gift ideas fit for a superhero—all for under $50!
The ideal carryall for an on-the-go mom.
The empty bottles will look just as good on her vanity when she's finished with them!
Customize it with any two intials for a truly meaningful gift.
Hey, your mom has been cooking for you all these years...
For the high-tech mama.
Looks pretty on any desk.
A kitty in curlers is too cute to pass up.
A useful way to DIY with wine corks.
Mother's Day should be special! Give her something to wear to a celebratory dinner.
These gloves have an added bonus: the material softens skin during each wear.
Ideal for carrying everything at the gym.
Even if your mom doesn't try to bake anything out of it, it will sure look yummy on the kitchen counter.
Guaranteed to make her smile.
She deserves some serious rest.
With a bag this cute, you won't even need wrapping paper!
This candle looks as luxe as it smells.
Mark a special date with this personalized necklace.
Have you see Garance Doré's new collection for Rifle Paper Co.? Because we can't get enough.
For the party hostess.
This fresh, calming rose scent is sure to help any busy mother relax.
Say "I love you"—literally.
Make this box extra-special by filling it with photos and mementos.
Hydrating skin mask? I'll take two.
Horse around with this fun, printed scarf.
Simply upload a photo from Instagram to create a unique watch.
Everybody needs a soft robe to cozy up in.
What PJ set is complete without slippers?
You may not be able to afford a fancy designer bag, but this will do the trick!
Stationery so cute, she'll send it to everyone.
Store-all boxes make great gifts.
No more mixed-up glasses with these rustic chalkboard wine charms.
Get the layered necklace look without any effort.
Goes from purse storage to an under-arm clutch in a snap.
Maybe if you're good she'll share some with you!
We guarantee she doesn't already have one of these.
All her kitchen needs come in a reusable tote.
Cardigans are essential for chilly spring nights.
Moms love photos, and this personalized print makes the gift memorable.
A silk scarf is so chic.
A little something cute for her cosmetics.
Not quite sure what perfume she'd like? How about four?
For the entertainer.
This mini notebook slips into a purse and is great for jotting down anything from grocery lists to appointments.
Get one with each sibling's initial: they're great for layering.
Comfortable pajama pants are perfect for movie marathons.
For the mom with the sweet tooth.
Use like lotion to moisturize or add to a bath.
Wear your heart on your keys.
Rhinestone studs dress up any outfit.
If she doesn't drink tea, don't worry. This elephant is cute enough on its own.