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Feel free to break these superstitions on your big day, because if you decide not to let people throw shoes at you, your wedding is not doomed—promise! Click through to see some of the most common (and slightly ridiculous!) wedding superstitions.
1. Don't see each other before the wedding.

This tradition stems back to arranged marriages, where people thought that if the bride and groom saw each other pre-ceremony, they would change their mind.

Since that is likely not going to happen, go ahead and take a peek! Try doing a "first look" for a special photo opportunity.

2. Peonies symbolize shame.

Supposedly because mischievous nymphs live in the petals.

Yeah, we're gonna pass on this one, especially because peonies are extremely common (and beautiful!) wedding bouquet flowers.

3. Wearing pearls is bad luck.

This legend gets a little murky—some say the number of pearls you wear represent the number of tears you will cry in your marriage. Others say it's only the number of tears you'll cry at the wedding. And still others say because they're shaped like tears, they will take the place of tears.

Either way, whether you incoporate pearls into your dress or accessories, you're safe.

4. Don't get married in May.

"Marry in May, and you'll surely rue the day."

Tell that to all the brides who get hitched in this spring month! We'll pass.

5. If you're changing your name, don't use your future last name before the wedding.

Some say using your future surname pre-wedding is tempting fate, and means the wedding won't end up taking place.

I think if you want to practice writing your new name (or stock up on monogrammed items), go for it!

6. The wedding veil offers protection.

According to the Romans, wedding veils ward off evil spirits who are jealous of your happiness. Hiding the bride's face keeps bad juju away...but not overbearing mothers-in-law, am I right?

While veils are beautiful, to some they may seem formal and a waste of money, so whether or not you want a veil is up to you!

7. Single older sister at a younger sister's wedding? Prepare to dance barefoot!

Legend has it that if a younger sister marries before the older, she better be ready to do the "Single Ladies" dance barefoot, otherwise she'll risk never landing a husband.

Psh, dance barefoot anyways—heels are uncomfortable!

8. Wedding dress colors predict the happiness of your marriage.

Brides are warned against choosing a color other than white for their wedding dress in rhyme, including "married in red, you will wish yourself dead" and "married in pink, your spirit will sink."

Well, this one is surely false, especially considering that for many cultures, marrying in red is considered good luck. Plus, tell the whole don't-wear-pink thing to Gwen Stefani, who's still happily married!

(Funnily enough, this rhyme starts out with "married in white, you have chosen right," so this sounds like a white dress conspiracy to me.)

9. Single ladies should sleep with the cake.

Apparently, if you're single, you're supposed to take a piece of the groom's cake and sleep with it under your pillow in order to find a husband.

Sounds pretty unsanitary to me, don't you think?

10. Don't marry someone if both your last names start with the same letter.

Coming from the Victorian rhyme "To change the name and not the letter; is to change for the worst and not the better," it is supposedly unlucky for the bride to marry a man with a last name that begins with the same first letter as hers.

I don't think that's a reason to call off a wedding—do you?!

11. Let guests throw shoes at you.

Stemming from Tudor custom, your wedding guests should throw shoes at the newly married couple for luck.

Yeah, I don't want a stiletto in my eye, thank you very much. Most people just tie shoes (or cans!) to the back of their getaway car instead.