11 Wedding Superstitions You Should Totally Break

1. Don't see each other before the wedding.

This tradition stems back to arranged marriages, where people thought that if the bride and groom saw each other pre-ceremony, they would change their mind.

Since that is likely not going to happen, go ahead and take a peek! Try doing a "first look" for a special photo opportunity.

via Pinterest/Style Me Pretty

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Digital Editorial Assistant

I personally am not very superstitious. Black cats won't bring me bad luck, and a broken compact mirror doesn't mean seven years of hell. But it shouldn't come as a suprise that when it comes to weddings, there are quite a few suprising superstitions involved. There are the obvious ones, like "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" and the bouquet toss to determine who will marry next, that are actually enjoyable traditions and all in good fun. But sleeping with cake under my pillow? I'll pass!

In the slideshow above, I've rounded up some of the most common (and slightly ridiculous!) wedding superstitions. Feel free to break these on your big day, because if you decide not to let people throw shoes at you, your wedding is not doomed—promise!


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