11 Things You Definitely Should Not Get Dad This Father's Day

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Shopping for dads can be extremely difficult (they never seem to want anything!) but I can guarantee no father will ever want the presents I've included here. Click through to see 11 seriously wacky gifts—and to shop some smart alternatives!

Steve Eichner / WWD

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The truth is, dads can be especially difficult to shop for. Dads don't ever seem to want anything, and if they do, a lot of times they just go out and buy it for themselves. Note to dads everywhere (and my dad in particular!): If a holiday is coming up, go on a 30-day shopping fast. That way, you can drop hints about the things you need.

I can guarantee, however, that the 11 things in the slideshow above are all items no father will want to receive...ever. Click through to see some seriously wacky gifts you definitely should not get dad this Father's Day—along with the smart alternatives we recommend!


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