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Shopping for dads can be extremely difficult (they never seem to want anything!) but I can guarantee no father will ever want the presents I've included here. Click through to see 11 seriously wacky gifts—and to shop some smart alternatives!
The Gift: A Sockscription Service
The Swap: A Food-Of-The-Month Gift Subscription
Socks are useful and all, but a sockscription service doesn't exactly say "I love you." An of-the-month gift subscription is, however, great in theory. For Dad, try a food-of-the-month service—like salami, perhaps?
The Gift: A Tie
The Swap: A Fancy Weekender
No matter how nice the tie, giving one as a gift is a little lame. Does your dad even wear ties to work? Instead, give him a fancy weekender, perfect for business trips (or vacations!).
The Gift: A Goatee Saver
The Swap: A Fancy Shaving Set
There's no way around it: this goatee saver is just plain creepy. Since every guy needs to shave (unless your dad is on Duck Dynasty), give him a high-end shaving set instead. Harry's is high-quality but fairly priced, and has various package options. You can even choose a plan and get them shipped to his door!
The Gift: A Manly Candle
The Swap: A Normal Candle
Just because he's a dude doesn't mean your dad needs a candle that's "man-scented." New York Pizza? Pass. Since candles are things dads rarely buy, a non-floral-smelling candle (like Bourbon & Brown Sugar!) is a good choice.
The Gift: A Personalized Branding Tool
The Swap: A Grilling Gadget He'll Actually Use
Dads are self-proclaimed grill masters, but they don't need superfluous gifts. Take this personalized steak brand, for instance. If your dad is a man who grills, check out a gadget he'll actually use, like a Bluetooth grilling thermometer.
The Gift: A Best Dad Ever Mug
The Swap: An Accessory For The Coffee Aficionado
A "Best Dad Ever" mug is a cop-out, and looks like you were rushing to buy something at the last minute. If your dad loves his morning caffeine, get him a coffee grinder so he can have fresh-ground coffee every day.
The Gift: A Paperweight
The Swap: Something That Will Look Fancy On His Desk
Unless you're under the age of 10 and you hand-craft a paperweight, this gift is just not cute anymore. A wood cufflink case is both beautiful and functional.
The Gift: A Reminder Beer Opener
The Swap: Whiskey Stones
We can all get a little forgetful when it comes to special dates, but Father's Day is not the time to remind your dad of his absentmindedness. Especially when it's on a wallet beer opener. Get a classier gift instead, like whiskey stones.
The Gift: Anything Darth Vader-Related
The Swap: A DVD Box Set For Movie Marathons
Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker: talk about daddy issues! Unless your dad is a die-hard Star Wars fan, a personalized, engraved Darth Vader mug is not the way to go. A box set of his favorite DVDs, however, has "movie marathon" written all over it.
The Gift: A Dad For Dummies Book
The Swap: A Book He'll Actually Read
Unless this is a white elephant-themed Father's Day gift exchange, a Dad for Dummies book is just not nice. Spend your money on a book he'll actually read—and enjoy.
The Gift: Bacon Cologne
The Swap: Cologne For The Low-Maintenance Dad
Bacon may be your dad's favorite food, but do you really want him to smell like the stuff? If your dad is low maintenance (or travels a lot), solid cologne is a unique gift idea.