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STOP! Don't buy your mom any of these gifts for Mother's Day. You'll thank me later.

Click through to see 12 things you definitely shouldn't get for your mother!

The Gift: Chia Pet
The Swap: Pretty Flowers
While admittedly creative, a Chia Pet is a little too retro. Why not send her a thoughtful flower arrangement instead? We love Flower Muse in particular.
The Gift: Counter-Hogging Kitchen Gadget
The Swap: An Electronic Device She'll Actually Use
You won't ever hear me knocking donuts, but this mini donut maker is clunky and takes up way too much counter space. Not to mention, it's a little unneccessary. For the gadget-friendly mom, try this phone photo printer that lets her print her favorite snaps in a flash.
The Gift: Weird Home Cleaning Items
The Swap: Fancy Bath Set
No mom wants a gift that says, "Hi, you clean a lot, here's an obscure cleaning product." No thank you. Instead, she should get a gift that's conducive to relaxation, like fancy bath products.
The Gift: Self-Help Book
The Swap: A Book She Actually Will (And Should) Read
No matter the occasion, a retirement self-help book just isn't right. Get her a book she'll actually read, like the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel The Goldfinch.
The Gift: World's Best Mom Anything
The Swap: A Cozy Cardigan
She may be your "#1 Mom," but she doesn't need a t-shirt to prove it. Show her how much you love her with a super-luxurious soft shawl like this one instead.
The Gift: Wine
The Swap: Fancy Cooking Items
I don't think a glass of "Mommy's Time Out" is really going to cut it in the Mother's Day gift department. Get the gourmet mom some decadent black truffle oil instead.
The Gift: Bird Feeder
The Swap: Modern Terrarium
This bird feeder is just creepy. If your mom is a garden lover, get her an indoor terrarium instead so she can enjoy the outdoors year-round.
The Gift: A Card
The Swap: Personalized Stationery
Come on now, a card is something you give in addition to a gift, not the gift itself! Try some personalized stationery like this for a gift she'll really love.
The Gift: A Posture Aid
The Swap: Yoga Classes
Okay, a posture-straightener is just a little insulting. Try getting her a month's worth of yoga classes instead. Too expensive? A yoga mat will do the trick!
The Gift: Shoe Insoles
The Swap: Cute, Summer-Friendly footwear
Shoe inserts may be the best (hey, I use them!) but they aren't a gift that shows how much you appreciate mom. Get her those cute espadrilles she's been eyeing.
The Gift: Home Nail Care System
The Swap: Spa Day
Mother's Day is about pampering mom, and a home nail care kit doesn't exactly promise a relaxing experience. Spring for a spa day gift card instead.
The Gift: A Movie
The Swap: Flip Cam
You may have to teach her how to work a Flip Cam, but she'll love recording those memories. Also, if you think Mommie Dearest sounds like a nice mother-daughter movie, you have bigger problems.