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For burgeoning cartoonists.
The pages are thick and tiny—ideal for little hands.
For wannabe animal trainers.
A classic Grimm tale, brought to life by stacking livestock.
For aspiring street artists.
Mega-size chalk makes fast work of sidewalk murals.
For artistic gem traders.
Crayons made to look like stones: genius.
For handy pirates.
An easy-to-assemble miniature treasure chest that has ship-worn patina.
For nascent Egyptologists.
Each pyramid comes with an assembly plan, plus a block-shaped wooden sphinx.
For the future architects.
Today they're trucking sand across the playground—tomorrow, they're the stars of the groundbreaking.
For budding architects.
This puzzle, based on a Chinese design, offers thousands of solutions.
For mini zoologists.
Elastic joints and articulated limbs mean the gorilla can hold different poses.
For physicists in the making.
Classic tops get all sleek and designy.
For the next impressionists.
These sunset blocks give kids a new way of thinking about color.
For the dress-up prone.
Handmade wings that serve no real purpose but are insanely cute.
For dreamers (and insomniacs).
A softer version of the ubiquitous mobile.
For the next naturalists.
These rough-hewn pencils are easy to grip for drawing sessions in the elements.
For the next generation of sci-fi lovers.
The robot gets a high-design remake in an unexpected material.
For up-and-coming stylists.
The clothes—which are also totally chic—come on and off easily.