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How cool—your kid can design his own watch with this 28-piece set featuring interchangeable links and bezels.
We’re suckers for cute baby socks, and Trumpette’s take on high-top tennis shoes is, well, tops.
The daisy “O” is the best part.
A great unisex option for soggy days.
Admittedly a splurge, but who can resist tiny teddy bear ears?
Another luxury pick, but a bit more practical for chilly weather with its cashmere/wool blend.
Keep your mini matey warm all season long.
At first glance it looks completely conventional. Then you notice the tiny squids.
For the future president of the Prep Club.
On sunny days, you’ll appreciate their UV lenses. On rainy days, they’re perfect for playing dress up.
With cute yet creepy creatures, there’s something delightfully devious about these wellies.
Exactly the kind of hat that makes us want to take up knitting.
The cute raccoon face was enough to get our attention, but the tail detail really did us in.
While we’re on the critter theme, this playful primate is going fast, so get it now.
Never has a company been more appropriately named: Their accessories, like this sweet cameo headband, really do make us giddy.
A modern take on the lunchbox that keeps hot things hot and cool things cool.