, for bulk things like diapers and formula. The prices are great."">, for bulk things like diapers and formula. The prices are great."">
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Jean Godfrey-June
Beauty Director
" looks a billion times more expensive than it is, and it's one of the few places on earth where there are items made of fabric that's child-scaled in terms of heft. And there are lots of elastic waist, comfy pants that somehow look dignified (my kids hate zippers & buttons). The look is exquisite....very Atonement. For both sexes! And you check out and you kind of can't believe how little you spent."
Alexis Morgan
Executive Fashion Director
", for bulk things like diapers and formula. The prices are great."
Danielle Pergament
Executive Editor
" I want every single thing there. Tragically I can’t afford every single thing there, but I still want it."
Lisa Steinmeyer
Design Director
"You can get great deals on kids' books at"
Fiona Lennon
Bookings Editor
"L.L. Bean for the quality of their kids' coats, and Land's End for the kids' pants; I rely on them every year."
Laura Morgan
Special Projects Director
"I heart, and not only for the diapers! They have a great shoe selection, especially the collection of See Kai Run mary janes."
Anne Kwon Keane
Fashion Director
" Everything is beautiful and modern, and it's the most eco-friendly site out there."
Christina Anderson
Online Fashion Editor
"I love Gilt Groupe's sales on girls' dresses. The prices are so great, I don't get too upset when my daughter gets them stained or torn."
Esther Haynes
Deputy Editor
"I first bought baby clothes on when my nephew Lewis was born. Now that I have my own baby I can¹t wait to buy something for her. I keep thinking I should wait until my French is better before I actually order something. So for now, I just window shop; I particularly love staring at the adorable sweaters."
Janet Ozzard
Freelance Editor
"Amazon's comprehensiveness means I'll always find what I need, and get it quickly. These SpaSilk onesies are the greatest; they're very sturdy and you don't have to pull them over a fussy baby's head."