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As Lucky assistants, we see it all. Usually when we work on the issue, we come away with items for ourselves too, but with Lucky Kids we fall in love with what we can't actually have. These are the dresses, boots and costumes we'd love to have in our size.

Alison Syrett – assistant digital editor

This little girls’ dress for Bonpoint is all kinds of chic. I'd totally rock a bigger version with printed oxfords and lots of bracelets.

Margaret Williamson – fashion market assistant

I’d pair this sweet bow blouse with this white on navy polka dot skirt...if it weren't made for a toddler.

Noelle Sciacca – fashion market assistant

My 18 month-old niece has the most covetable Zara coat!  I love the chic collar-less neckline and subtlety sweet bow detail on the back.  I tried to find the coat in big girl sizes, but the equivalent just isn’t the same. I guess I’ll have to let my niece have the spotlight on this one and find solace in the fact that she’ll be the cutest kid around.

Leigh Gill – fashion assistant

Zara coats are killing it again!  If I owned this, it would be my favorite coat. I love the leather buckles and generous front pockets.

Laura Beck – styling assistant

These creature boots are so great! I’ve never seen anything quite like them. The dragon details are surprisingly subtle, but so, so unique.

Sophie Dupin – Lucky Kids assistant market editor

I've been in love with this dress ever since we did the spring issue of Lucky Kids. It's so sweet and fun but I feel like pretty much any age could totally pull it off. The combination of stripes and floral prints is adorable. And doesn't it look so comfy—like you should just throw your shoes off and run along the beach barefoot? I want to be little again!

Mayme Stansfield – fashion closet assistant

How lovely is this bikini? I wish I had this suit in my size...and a winter getaway to look forward to.

Margaret Williamson – fashion market assistant

I love me some high-waisted shorts. I might try my luck and order a larger size of these from this school uniform website. I need those retro pleats!

Adrianna Barrionuevo – assistant fashion credits editor

Ah, the Disney Princess days. Belle was easily my favorite. I’d love to be her for Halloween, but I’m having a hard time finding the perfect gold dress. I wish I could fit into this one because I’m loving all the shimmer!

Dana Mendelowitz – jewelry assistant

What happens when a rock and roll dude transitions into fashion design, wins season three of Project Runway then launches a boy’s clothing line? You get an unbearably adorable collection of kid’s clothes.

Jeffrey Sebelia’s La Miniatura has a rocker meets dandy aesthetic that any boy (or full grown man) would feel cool wearing.  I love these jeans in green, yellow and red.