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Cool, zany-patterned socks have the power to inspire all kinds of silly conversations in the schoolyard. Vibrant stripes are particularly helpful in this regard and this site stocks striped styles galore plus about a million other goodies, from notebooks to nightlights.


This silk tunic is one of many whimsical tops and party dresses on offer in this collection which combines gorgeous fabrics sourced from India with hip details like bubble hems and slouchy necklines.


"Sophisticated playfulness" may technically be an oxymoron, but designer Adrienne Catrina's descriptive phrase of choice perfectly sums up the vibe of her relaxed, vaguely Euro children's line. In other words, shop her e-boutique if you tuck your child into a Danish Modern trundle bed at night and think frilly canopies are lame.


Aside from the fact that this site stocks some of the fanciest cribs we've ever seen, it's also a great place for stocking up on affordable holiday gifts like charming wooden animals and dolls and futuristic-looking birch wood scooters.


While the kids' party invitations and birth announcements are adorably kooky, this site also stocks really cute tote bags, paper doll sets and T-shirts. All feature various incarnations of the site's signature animé-inspired "flavorkids" (clearly, we're fans of the pirate). We also love the cut-out paper holiday ornaments.