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Great for layering.

A sweatshirt she can wear over dresses.

The kid-approved version of cat eye sunglasses.

Pirate-inspired flip flops=seriously brilliant.

Just enough frill.

What little boy doesn't love legos?

The perfect layer for the first few days of spring.

She can wear them under a dress or with a bright yellow top.

A slap bracelet that doubles as a learning tool.

A whole new take on jelly sandals.

Because neon leggings are way cooler.

For the coolest kid in the crib.

Few things are sweeter than this top.

A belt comes in handy when pants almost fit.

Getting dressed for school just got fun.

She can never have too many hair accessories.

This comfortable material will have him begging for another pair.

Spring break approved.

A place she can put everything she collects.

Pair with a denim dress.

Heart-shaped cutouts are always a welcome addition.

A fun alternative to basic, blue swim trunks.

Say goodbye to damp feet at the bus stop.

For those days he wants to look like Dad.

A basic you can layer into fall.