Cuteness in a Box: Get Awesome Kids' Products in Your Mailbox Every Month

Items from a Citrus Lane box

When I open my mailbox, it's usually filled with junk mail and my cable bill. But once a month, I find a cute little box filled with samples of the latest beauty products. That's right…I'm a Birchbox subscriber and it's the best $10 I spend every month. Monthly box clubs are becoming increasingly popular and there are plenty of clubs to choose from, whether you're into beauty, crafting, cashmere or even bacon. And now, there's a club for parents.

For as low at $21 a month, Citrus Lane ships monthly packages for parents to enjoy with their children. Mauria Finley founded the company in 2010 with the goal of "introducing moms [to] great products in an authentic, well-researched way, but also in a fun and delightful and beautiful way." Boxes feature a mix of "the best of tried-and-true and new and innovative" items, says Finley. "The idea is to help parents discover the best products." The boxes are tailored to fit children up to the age of three, but the company has recently announced they're expanding to the age of five. Sets feature a mix of toys, books, and snacks that correspond appropriately with the child's developmental stage. Shower boxes are also available, and are the perfect present for expectant moms and dads. These boxes feature items like gentle cleansers for newborns, swaddling blankets and a soft sheep rattle.

Citrus Lane's celebrity ambassador, Angela Kinsey (best known for her role as Angela on NBC's The Office), has put together a special "Mommy & Me" box that was inspired by her four-year-old daughter, Isabel. "Isabel is super girly," says Kinsey. "She helped me with this quite a bit. She's all about my lotions and my makeup." Inside the box, you'll find a tea set by Green Toys, an Ivy + Bean paper doll set from Chronicle Books, an all-natural, sparkly bath set by Sparkle Hearts and a sample of Plum Organics' Fruit & Veggie Shredz. You'll also get a penguin cookie cutter as thanks for supporting an endangered animal through Oceana, one of Kinsey's favorite nonprofits (plus, 20% of the proceeds from sales of this box go to Oceana). This limited-edition box sells for $45.

"I love shopping online," says Kinsey. "I bought two pairs of boots on set the other day." The box she created also makes a perfect gift. "I've given it to a few friends. Especially my friends that are new moms," she says. "You're just overwhelmed. Along the way you get something nice in the mail at the end of the month and you discover new things." And as for shopping for Isabel, "I just love Gap Kids," she says. "There's one right by me and I don't have to go in the mall… I love Gap Kids for her. She has their hoodies and their pants. They fit her perfectly."

Kinsey recently sold a show to Fox with one of her oldest friends, Rachael Harris (The Hangover). It's a comedy "about two women starting over a little later in life and all the kind of honesty and raw and embarrassing things that come with that," explains Kinsey. Hopefully it will get pcked up and we'll see Kinsey in her own new series soon!

Photos courtesy of Citrus Lane.

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