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Overalls are our go-to option on those harried mornings; the airplane motif will make them his favorite.
Buy two or three at this friendly price point so you’ll always have a clean pair on hand.
These go-with-everything pants just made mornings a little easier.
Wooden toggles give this comfy knit jacket a sweet European feeling.
Buy this splurge-worthy jacket a few sizes too big; he’ll wear it for years, then pass it to younger siblings.
Your son just became infinitely cooler when you stuck this crazy-warm vest over his t-shirt.
A preppy classic, yes, but wear with aforementioned puffer and you’ll have a mini hipster.
Because little boys love all things with wheels and red means you’ll never lose sight of him on the jungle gym.
Fire trucks are to little boys what princesses are to little girls.
This should do the trick if you’re not ready to give him a Kingston Rossdale-style mohawk yet.
A cool alternative to a white oxford button-down.