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So Darn Cute Animal Backpacks!

They’re a staple precisely because adorable animal-themed backpacks are just irresistible—and, of course, functional. From the king of the jungle to a very famous caterpillar, here are five of Lucky’s top picks.

1. Eco Snoopers Monkey Backpack

Even cooler for your little one, you can peel off the primate for playtime. Plus, parents will love that every Eco Snooper character comes with its own story promoting friendship and environmental awareness.

Eco Snoopers Backpack with Removable Plush, Play it Again Sam Monkey, $20.30, amazon.com

2. Skip Hop Zoo Pack Toddler Backpack: Owl

Shortly after college, we went through a whole kitschy retro-looking owl phase; we had owl earrings, owl prints, owl belt buckles. In hindsight, it wasn’t our chicest moment—but that’s because we were over the age of 21. Two-to-five year olds can’t go wrong with this roomy number, which features a smart adjustable side pocket for a sippy cup.

Skip Hop Zoo Pack Toddler Backpack: Owl, $20.00, laylagrace.com

3. BlaBla Lion Backpack

The king of the jungle is more fun than fearsome when hand-knit and smiling. (We love all things Blabla, from dolls and rattles to mobiles and paper goods).

Lion Backpack, $42, blablakids.com

4. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Backpack

You could probably buy a Very Hungry Caterpillar toy, or book, or game, or piece of clothing for every day of the year. This piece, thanks to the monogramming, feels personal.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Backpack, $26.50, potterybarnkids.com

5. Go Fetch Doggie Backpack

You can’t go wrong with a puppy. This one is machine washable and will wow girls and boys alike.

Go Fetch Doggie Backpack, $42, thecompanystore.com

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