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From Fine Little Day: Craft Ideas

The follwing is a guest post from Fine Little Day.

Hi, hope your weekend was good. Elisabeth from Fine Little Day here again! Here's a fun craft you can make with your children.

Gather some "junk" in a box. It can be ice-cream sticks, found corks, broken toys, pieces of wood, toilet rolls, small tree branches, pieces of  fabric, buttons and anything else that may come in handy in a handmade mini world.

Before you start you might need:

TOOLS - scissors, wire, pliers, scalpel, needle and thread, hole punch, stapler, hammer, nail.  Help the children with the tools. Note: A scalpel should only be handled by an adult.

HOBBY STUFF - paper, pens, tape, glue, pipe cleaners, fling beads, glitter, sequins, motifs tape, stamps, beads, hobby clay, feathers etc.

HOUSEHOLD THINGS - baking tins, foil, cake paper, candle stubs, chopsticks, flower pins etc. Have fun and let your imagination flow!

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Made by Joel, crafting father.

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