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Macaroon Original: Creatures of Comfort

The following is a guest post from Macaroon Original.

In theory I believe that a child’s room should be a free-for-all with nothing that’s off limits. But hey, I’m just not that laid back. In fact, I often vote for strictly decorative room décor, which I’m sure makes most parents cringe. I’m talking about stuff that is designated “hands-free” (just tell your son those limited edition robots are for “ambiance”...he’ll understand!).

In step with this unattractive quality of mine is the beautiful and often untouchable work of Tamar Mogendorff, a Brooklyn based artist I discovered a few years ago. I just want to perch her pieces all over my kid’s rooms to create one big hand-made fairytale. I already have one of her whimsical stuffed taxidermy deer heads above my older daughter’s bed but now it’s time to punctuate the shelves with stylish little things like this squirrel which, if she wants to pick up, will just have to get over it.

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