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Last Chance To Bake A Cake with Alber Elbaz!

In celebration of Lavin Petitie, Alber Elbaz is hosting a bake-off!

Lanvin Petite is arriving in boutiques! To celebrate, Lanvin & the Ritz Hotel Paris has invited little girls and their mothers to partake in the best chocolate cake recipe contest...pretty much ever. All must enter at Lanvin.com and complete three easy steps. While Mom submits a recipe and cake photo, little girls must jot down a few reasons why they love Mommy.

The winner will be chosen by the Executive Chef of the Ritz Escoffier Cooking School in Paris—and their cake will be served on Sunday, December 4 at Lanvin’s Ultimate Luxury Children’s Tea Party. Also, a little surprise will be waiting for the winning team.

But submit your recipes now—today's the last day for entries! Because who wants to miss out on Paris, Lanvin and chocolate cake?

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