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Sarah Jane Studios: Christmas Book Roundup

The following is a guest post from children's book illustrator and fabric designer Sarah Jane.

Let's talk books: holiday books. We all have our favorites, and tend to re-read the same classics every year. We love the tradition of reading Polar Express and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. But if you are looking for a few more picture books, especially classics that will tell the real story of Christmas, don't forget to add these to your list:

1) A Christmas Goodnight ,written by Nola Buck and illustrated by Sarah Jane Wright. This is brand new this year, and a must have for your Christmas library! The story is in simple rhyme, and is so soothing to read at any time of day...but particularly bedtime. Much like Goodnight Moon in theme, the story starts off saying goodnight to all the characters in the Christmas Story, and then pans gracefully to a Christmas Eve scene where a little boy is now saying goodnight to the characters in his creche. A very warm depiction of that special night! Recommended to read by a crackling fire, or snuggled in a blanket.

2) Christmas is Here text from the King James Bible and illustrated by Lauren Castillo. I've never come across a picture book that reads text straight from the Bible! The story takes place in a city scene while the family watches a live nativity in the falling snow. The boy imagines in his mind the real story and the illustrations take you through the glorious events of the Nativity. Sophisticated yet childlike illustrations will make this read a memorable Christmas Eve tradition!

3) Who is Coming to Our House written by Joseph Slate illustrated by Ashely Wolff. This is a board book, and is one that you will find yourself reading over and over to your child. The close-up spots on the animals in the barn as they await an unknown visitor are so endearing. This has been a staple in our house for years!

4) Christmas in the Manger written by Nola Buck and illustrated by Felicia Bond. This book has wonderfully bright illustrations, and is great for little children to become familiar all the characters! Bright and cheery and a must have for a toddler's library. Felicia Bond is also the illustrator of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie so the feel of this book is light and fun. A must have for sure!

Happy Christmas reading!

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