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Sarah Jane Studios: Gifts for Aspiring Artists

The following is a guest post from children's book illustrator and fabric designer Sarah Jane.

I'm an artist by profession, and my children all participate with me in my studio on a regular basis. We've had our range of art supplies through the years, starting out with kid's watercolors, tempera paints and the like.

But if you really want to encourage your little artist, nothing says "I support your creativity" more than getting some real artist supplies for your child. The durable supplies won't break the bank, but will last longer and teach your child about different tools and supplies. They'll be so inspired!

1) Skip the "How to Draw" books and get right to the source of great art. Charley Harper uses vibrant colors and graphic shapes that children love and want to recreate. Charley Harper book, $19.77.

2) Wood model kits are fun to put together but also to paint! A great activity that doubles as art to display on your book case. Wood model kit, $2.99.

3) Don't be intimidated...these canvases are small, ready made and ready to hang. They're the best catalyst to get your children creating art to display in your home. Mini canvas, $11.54 for a set of 4.

4) Your child will go nuts making anything he can dream up from the 2,100 pieces of assorted wood in this kit. Small pieces are included, so beware of choking hazard, but for older kids it's pretty much the perfect gift. Wood craft kit, $44.14.

5) This is a full set of watercolors, acrylic and oil paints with everything you need to get your child ready to paint! Complete with easel and brushes, palette and all the tools you need. It'll last through the years, and serve your child as he gets more comfortable with different paint mediums. All media paint kit, $51.49.

6) Get your children using their hands, and making 3 dimensional creations that they can keep forever. This oven bake option is a great way to introduce your child to ceramic making. Clay, $11.54.

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