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Sarah Jane Studios: Paper Doll Roundup

The following is a guest post from children's book illustrator and fabric designer Sarah Jane.

Let's talk paper dolls. It's easy to take for granted how much play time these paper toys can get our of your child! With so many flashy toys out there, let's not forget the incredible power these dolls have to captivate your child's imagination. For girls and for boys, there are all kinds of dolls out there.

And once again, like most handmade toys and playthings, these will encourage your child to make creative fun out of paper themselves!

1) Sarah Jane's dolls have 6 dolls in a set...for both boys and girls! They have a very classic feel and offer multiple clothing sets that you can print youself, so you never need to worry about ripping. $3 for 6 dolls

2) Mini Me Dolls offer personalized dolls that match your child, or any child you want! You'll find girl and boy dolls as well, with like a bajillion clothing options...so many to choose from! $20 for a personalized doll and 6 outfits

3) Clara Paper Doll is a new find, and sure to get your child laughing. She's sassy, grumpy and all around pouty. I'm sensing some parenting play here too! $5.98 for a doll

4) Love Mae is a favourite Australian Company (with as warehouse in the USA) that has amazing fabric wall decals. You'll love playing paper dolls (large scale!) on the walls with these delicious designs! Available in 4 fashionable seasons. $40 for a large sticker doll and outfits

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