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Watch This: Lucky Breaks “Scan to Enter” Demo

Entering for a chance to win our amazing, editor-curated prizes has never been easier or more convenient. No computer necessary (but you do need an iPhone or Android): Grab the latest issue of Lucky, turn to the Lucky Breaks section and follow this fun how-to video!

Watch to learn how you can keep Lucky in your pocket while you're shopping.

Q: How Can the Lucky Shopper App Change Your Life?

1. Unlock secret deals with your phone (up to 50% off!) at your favorite stores.
2. Scan tons of products and organize them into lists of your favorite things.
3. Find the best price on anything you want (dresses, nail polish, sofas…).
4. Buy anything on the spot from Lucky's favorite shops.
5. Share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter AND get their feedback before you purchase.
6. Give you a gazillion chances to win tons of free stuff and go on exclusive deal hunts in your favorite stores.

A: All of the above.


Can't take a Lucky editor with you? No problem.

Scan barcodes to compare prices and store photos of pieces you’re obsessing over.

Tag and organize must-have items.

Let your friends know what you’re buying and coveting.

Everything from new trends to daily deals, discounts and localized shopping tips. With the Lucky Shopper, there will be plenty of chances to win free stuff, too.


Kiss those tired, boring presents good-bye.

How to use Lucky Shopper:
When you spot a bar code, open Lucky Shopper. Center your phone over the code for a few seconds and Lucky Shoper will detect it, instantly serving up more info on the product you've snapped!

I scanned a code. What's next?
Once the code is scanned, Lucky Shopper generates links that will allow you to compare prices, visit a website, watch a video, enter a sweepstakes or even redeem a coupon.

My item doesn't have a bar code. Can I just take pictures of stuff?
Yes! If there isn't a code available or it isn't recognized by the scanner, you can take photos of anything you like and save it to your Lucky Stickers book. Just go to the "scan" screen and press the "take photo" button in the viewfinder!

Even more from Lucky Shopper:
Nothing to scan? Discover new deals, trends, sweepstakes and other offers from Lucky at the top of your screen.

Want to save what you see?
Save anything you scan to a customized list in your Lucky Sticker book. You can use those lists to sort your favorites and also share items and deals with friends. To add an item to your sticker book, just tap the add/share tool and select a list to save your item to.

Feel like spreading the word?

Lucky Shopper also lets you share anything you scan through Facebook, Twitter and e-mail. Just click on the "add/share" button and select "share." You'll need to be logged in to Facebook or Twitter.

The Lucky Shopper Browser
Navigate through the Lucky Browser by using the back and forward icons in the toolbar.

The Settings Tool
Use the settings tool to sign up for a Lucky account, or change your Facebook or Twitter log-ins.

Let's go shopping!
Don't forget, you can scan any codes you find, search for deals and catalog your favorite things. Enjoy!