We've combed the web for months to find our favorite voices from fashion blogs, beauty blogs, style blogs, really—any blogs. Along the way we found some incredible women with so much to share that we couldn't help but bring them into the Lucky family. So, without further ado, meet the members of Lucky's first-ever blogger network. Keep an eye out—they'll be writing in the pages of Lucky and on our site.

Kelsi, Dedicated Follower of Fashion


Dedicated Follower of Fashion is a jangling and colorful foray into the life of British-born, L.A. (un)refined, community builder and digital guru Kelsi. The site chronicles her busy life, travels and outfits as she conducts her business as president of L.A. blogger collective Two Point Oh! La, director of the Los Angeles Fashion Council, social marketing professor at FIDM and CEO of Stylesmith. The site also features her original fashion photography, DIY projects and copious amounts of style advice.

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