Happy Birthday to Us!

It's been a decade of Lucky and now we take a moment to look back the girls who inspired us, the websites that thrilled us, the rules that became gospel, and of course, the clothes that we still trot out after all these years.

After a decade at Lucky, these are the 100 edicts that we, the editors, live by.

You could technically live without these but really, what would be the point?

There are shopping websites. And then there are the genius creations that have us logging in, clicking on, and otherwise drooling over the best of the highly curated best. Here, the sites that have made shopping part sport, part fetish, and in some cases, part-time job.

We're forever grateful that someone invented (or in one case, reinvented) these life-changing items.

The how-tos that really make the difference in the way you look.

For holiday shopping inspiration this year, we traveled to some of our favorite cities including Seattle, Los Angeles, Austin, New Orleans, New York, and Boston.

We've filmed clips for every page of this issue, so you'll see 360-degree views of clothes and accessories, behind-the-scenes footage from fashion shoots, and much more. You can also text VIDEO to 47624 to see them all.