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the classic string bikini

When the suit is itsy-bitsy, maximize its impact with graphic patterns and vibrant hits of color.

With a low-rider fit, these are sporty and unbelievably hot.
mixed-print two-piece

Mismatched tones and patterns work surprisingly well together when the execution is subtle.
bold and tropical Bikini

Bright, leafy florals are the very essence of beachy fun.
halter-top maillot

It's a one-piece, but high hip cuts and a plunging neckline make it anything but modest.
side-ring bikini

We love how the hardware detail gives a cute little peekaboo effect.
all-white bikini

A timeless option: unadorned and perfectly crisp.
low-slung miniskirt

The modern version of boy-shorts—fitted bottoms with the right dose of coy, and not the least bit matronly.