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"This dress is sexy-meets-classy with the fitted, short bottom and billowy top."
"Besides smelling like heaven, this hair oil gives nice shine without being heavy or greasy."
"Demylee makes the best, softest cardigans—they're sort of like a blankie you can wear. I literally carry mine around everywhere."
"I admire Rihanna's ability to put on just about anything and look amazing. Her outfits are always very her."
"These pinky-nude peep-toes came to my rescue in Cannes when I was having a tricky time finding shoes to match my gown."
"Macks by Essie is the perfect shade of not-too-vampy red nailcolor."
"The flowiness of this skirt is what initially caught my eye, but the subtle structure from the pleats is what makes it truly stunning."
"It's hard to find casual daytime shoes that aren't too dressy or too laid-back. These are the ideal balance."
"The way the bright plain top of this dress contrasts with the black frilly bottom is just beautiful."
"High-waisted shorts, like these cool studded ones, are great when you have shorter legs."
"There are so many different colors to pick from in this lip gloss line, but what really makes me love it is that every different shade has SPF20. "
"I'm going to wear this shark's tooth necklace layered on top of the whale-tail charm I almost never take off."
"My new LG Xenon has a bigger, more manageable touchscreen, so I'm not accidentally selecting the wrong icon all the time."