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"An anything-but-basic skirt paired with a light-colored jacket is such an interesting way to spin a suit look."
"I'm excited about all the great jackets with strong shoulders this season. It's a cool throwback to the '80s."
"I recently had this polish on for a shoot, and it's so much fun. It goes on like normal but dries completely matte."
"All of my designer bags were stolen when my house was broken into a few months ago. The one bag I had to replace immediately was the Chanel."
"The wraparound buckle on these Rebecca Taylor booties is such a great contrast to the Victorian shape of the toe and heel."
"If I wear jewelry, it's almost always one statement piece that feels like it could have been a family heirloom."
"When I'm in New York, I have to get my vintage accessory shopping in. My new favorite spot is Ellen, where I recently bought a Lanvin scarf."
"My hair can get really frizzy, but this shampoo and conditioner completely tame it. Truly amazing!"
"I love this mascara from Neutrogena. I put it on in the morning and never have to think about."
"Brian Reyes makes the most beautiful, feminine clothes. I'm always eager to see what he does next."
"I'm a huge fan of Helmut Lang for everyday items that are comfortable, easy to throw on, and always look good."
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