Mobile How-To


How to use the text-to-buy or short code entry feature to shop from the pages of the issue with your smartphone:

1. In the credits of the magazine, look for a bold keyword next to the brand and price (for instance, BASICS5).

2. With your smartphone, text to the number 58259 (beginning with the May 2011 issue) or 47624 (for issues through April 2011) the keyword listed.

3. In a few moments, you'll receive a text message back from us with a hyperlink in the text. Click on the link to be directed in your Web browser to an e-commerce site, mobile video or giveaway entry form where you can directly purchase the item, see the video or enter the sweepstakes!

*Your carrier's standard messaging rates apply to all SMS correspondence. Other charges may apply. Available on participating carriers and in the U.S. only. For complete mobile terms and conditions, please go to


Open a recent issue and scattered throughout the pages you'll find a series of colored bar codes. Each code is directly linked to new Lucky video tutorials on everything from the best ways to wear an oversize white shirt to easy tips for creating a sexy side braid.

Viewing each clip is simple—all you have to do is download a free Microsoft app on your smartphone. Here's how it works:

1. Download the free app at

2. Scan your phone over one of the bar codes in our latest issue.

3. Depending on your phone, the video may launch immediately. Otherwise, select "use photo" and the video will pop up on your screen.

Don't have a smartphone? You can still view all of our videos online.

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