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"My sister Ashlee will rummage through my closet and find pieces I bought in 2003 and make them feel right now—and like she didn't even try."
"Tucker makes great blousy, long-sleeved silk tops. Whenever I wear them, I make sure to show off my legs a little bit!"
"I always use waterproof mascara—L'Oréal Voluminous—I think it keeps my lashes up."
"When I'm traveling, I love a messenger bag that I can wear across my body."
"These are my favorite shoes. They are vintage-looking and chic—and make you about six inches taller."
"I'm a bit lazy and don't want to wash my face right after I work out, so I use these Proactiv wipes. They whisk away all of the sweat."
"I am really big on beauty products: The Moroccanoil hair line is amazing. It smells like coconut."
"I like skinny jeans, but I wear them a bit baggy and lower on my hips and roll them up at the bottom."
"I'm a huge Jean Paul Gaultier fan. His pieces make my waist look good. Yes, they're an investment, but I'll have them when I'm old and gray."
"I'm the type of person who will mix Tom Ford Arabian Wood for men with a rose or jasmine-tinged women's scent."
"What Goes Around Comes Around has the best vintage concert tees. I'm on the permanent waiting list for anything Led Zeppelin."