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"I don't want to look ultra-tan, but I know the benefits of a good bronzer—it's great at making me look like less of a corpse."
"These are made by these two teenage girls—what could be cuter? Plus, they don't break your hair and look good on your wrist."
"Holy Moses, I've used every brand of dry shampoo, and this is my favorite. I have thin hair, so this is exactly what I need to pump it up."
"Isn't this bag insane? You just lift up the brass top. Angela O'Brien makes a lot of cool things."
"Lizzie makes the greatest everyday jewelry. It's dainty but still stands out—and goes with everything."
"I can always find my favorite mascara because of its bright yellow tube."
"I unearthed this Gucci scarf at a consignment store—and it was such a score!"
"The two adorable girls at Dannijo make all this crazy-awesome, experimental jewelry together."
"I bought this Dooney & Bourke bag on one of those home shopping TV shows!"
"These are my go-tos. I love the little signature etched onto the glass."
"I approached Brian Atwood at a party and asked him to make a shoe for a human foot—and he listened! I bought this other pair in Europe. They were actually cheap."