100 Edicts

After a decade at Lucky, these are the 100 edicts that we, the editors, live by.

12. Beauty products make the best presents: They seem incredibly personal, but they're not.
13. An ultra-pale pedicure makes your feet look tanner. Same with silver.
14. A bit of face oil patted on over makeup really revives your whole look.
15. Beyond injections and plastic surgery, retinoids—retinol, Retin-A, et al.—are the most powerful antiaging weapons currently available.
16. Any two shades of lipstick, mixed, are almost always super-flattering.
17. Your favorite highly pigmented lipstick also makes a great sheer cheek stain: Blot on with your fingers, blot again with a tissue, et voilà.
18. Self-tanner makes you look instantly thinner and well-rested.
19. Melted candle wax makes a very fine cuticle cream.
20. Sunscreen doubters should consider the amazing linelessness of their body parts that never see the sun.
21. No beauty product can do for you what eight hours of sleep can.
22. Pale nail polish lasts much longer.
23. If you use face powder, apply it sparingly to your T-zone only.
24. If you're out of scrub (face or body), remember that ancient implement, the washcloth.
25. Always apply powder with a brush. Even compact powder.

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