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1. Academy Awards, 2010

"At the Oscars everyone wears the same strapless princess dress with their hair pulled back. I wanted to wear something different, and Karl Lagerfeld was like, 'Please wear this!' It was his favorite Chanel dress."
To get her look:
Pick a fitted cream piece with black detailing
2. Venice Film Festival, 2008

"This Dior Couture dress is the most beautiful I've ever worn. It was the original runway piece, so I couldn't breathe or eat all night. I suffered so much!"
To get her look:
Try a diaphanous black dress with sleeves.
3. Venice Film Festival, 2009

"I like this outfit because it's casual and what I look like in my everyday life. Those boots were Chloé—I had just flown in from filming Mr. Nobody and had no time to change.
To get her look:
Pair strappy boots with a simple dress or skirt.
4. Golden Globes, 2010

"This is vintage Christian Lacroix, and the picture doesn't do it justice. It was the most vibrant fuchsia you can imagine. I truly felt like a princess."
To get her look:
Go for a bright cocktail dress with architectural details.
5. Academy Awards, 2006

"This was the first time I realized how crazy stylists get with dresses for the Academy Awards. I'd actually wanted to wear a Chanel dress, but the stylist of a Best Actress nominee blocked it—and she didn't even end up wearing it. Luckily, I loved this Elie Saab one, too."
To get her look:
Try a generously cut top with layers and layers of ruffles.
6. Cannes Film Festival, 2007

"I was hosting the Cannes Film Festival, which was such an honor—I was the first German-born hostess. Karl Lagerfeld designed the dress for me. It was so intricate and just ... perfection."
To get her look:
Opt for a swingy skirt with beading detail.
Lucky Cover Shoot

"It's funny: On the hanger, this dress wasn't my favorite, but of all the beautiful gowns I wore for the shoot, I think this one came out the best. Once you put it on, it's such a great, great fit."