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"To me, fashion is about fun."
"These pink sunglasses are a favorite pair. Alexander McQueen scarves are the most perfect accessories ever, and my notepad—I'm a total Virgo, obsessed with making lists."
House of Harlow 1960, Richie's jewelry line, has the look of major flea-market finds without the hours (and hours and hours...) of scavenging.
"I don't wear dainty jewelry. I like it to be a little over the top."
Nicole's jewelry collection is inspired by the best vintage items she's found.
Her cool, tribally bohemian jewelry isn't for the shy.
Richie's clothing line, Winter Kate, is a mix of sweet, delicate pieces that feel as glamorous and Old Hollywood as they do sexy and modern.
"I've always experimented ... I'm sure my style won't stop here."
"Practically anything could generate an idea for Winter Kate or House of Harlow."
Nicole named her ready-to-wear collection after the two middle names of her daughter, Harlow.
This camisole defines sweet.
This delicate top makes us wish for summer.
"I drink these between meals to be sure I'm getting everything I need. I don't go a day without a Greens juice: kale, spinach, celery, cucumber and romaine. It's actually really good."
"I'm a huge collector of vintage Chanel bags. My mom has given me a lot of the ones she had in the '70s."