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"I'm all for color and flair—I get so excited about that kind of thing."
The dramatic cape
"It's such a showpiece. It perfectly encapsulates what I look for in fashion."
The delicate necklace
"This necklace is so much fun—it's cute and classy at the same time."
The girly dress
"Perfect for a date on a spring evening—it's sexy without being over the top."
The sweet barrette
"This is just such a cute way to dress up your hair."
The dainty heels
"Ferragamo shoes are so ladylike and pretty. When I wear them, I feel grown-up and elegant in the best way."
The statement dress
"A great little day dress that you can also wear with tights and heels at night."
The slouchy bag
"Mulberry makes really classic, beautiful bags. I love this one."
The suede skirt
"I love this skirt—it's flirty and fun for spring."
The sunglasses
"I did a campaign for Oliver Peoples a few years ago—their glasses are just so flattering on everyone."