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"I wore this Johanna Johnson capelet for my birthday. It frames your face perfectly, and I love that it looks a bit like an old vintage costume."

"These [earrings] were a gift from my husband on our wedding night. They are raw diamonds and emeralds from Sona Chaandi, in L.A.’s Little India. They’re amazing."

"I collect animal bracelets. I got my first one off the Mad Men set; they let me keep a horse cuff I fell in love with."

"I’ve been wearing this fragrance for 10 years. I like the entire L’Artisan Parfumeur line. I change scents depending on my mood."
"I’m always attracted to things that look like what a dancer would wear. This DVF blouse is the perfect ballet-slipper pink."

"I’m usually into subtle bags, but this one [by Mulberry] is so blingy, it’s kind of fun. It’s got a rock-and-roll vibe."

"I like that these Prada shoes are neutral but have a little kick of gold in them. They’re super-comfortable and go with my entire summer wardrobe."

"Tomato red is so good for redheads, and it’s also a really popular color right now. This Carolina Herrera dress is bright and structured, but it also has a feminine ruffle that adds a me-ness to the piece."