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“Drink lots of water and stay active. I like cucumber-strawberry water.”
“Watermelon, cherries, strawberries,” keep Alba refreshed.
“Prenatal yoga is really good. I have a bad back and bad knees and it really prepares your body. The more limber you are and the stronger you are, the easier your birth. And isn’t that what everybody wants?”
“Pamper yourself, because once the baby comes you’re crazed for a long time. So if you can, indulge, whether it’s getting your nails done, or getting a facial, or just spending an extra five minutes to feel pretty in the morning.”
“I generally don’t wear many maternity clothes. This is an Alexander Wang t-shirt dress.”
“…but I am wearing maternity pantyhose, because I can’t fit into the other ones.”
“J Brand Jeans are very flattering. You’re going to wear them after the baby because your body doesn’t go back that fast.”
“I wear a girdle around my tummy from the moment I give birth until it doesn’t feel loosely goosey anymore—that takes a good two to three months. It’s spandex with Velcro.”