Top gift giving tips

Lucky editors share their tricks for buying the perfect gift.

“If I don’t know the person very well, I get a little trinket from Who doesn’t like that?” —Ray Siegel, Online Fashion Editor

“Give all your friends the same gift but have each present monogrammed.” —Elle Strauss, Senior Fashion Editor

“When in doubt, bring a gift. You don’t have to give it if the other person doesn’t have something for you, but a stashed goodie in your purse never hurts.” —Biba Miloto, Deal of the Day Editor

“Anything made of glass always feels decadent. Just make sure it doesn’t break before it’s opened.”—Esther Haynes, Deputy Editor

“I sponsor an endangered species for everyone in my family—last year everyone got a gorilla, this year everyone gets a polar bear. Then I wrap up a stuffed animal version to give them.” —Danielle Pergament, Executive Editor

“I buy an enormous stack of one great thing I think everyone will love: One year it was St. James boater shirts, another year it was cashmere socks, another year a great book.” —Jean Godfrey-June, Beauty Director

“Whenever I travel to faraway lands, I always buy gifts. I’ve held on to stuff for months just to be able to give something extra special (and something you’d never see in this country) for the holidays.” —Melissa Lum, Accessories Editor

“If you’re giving someone a present and don’t know if she has something for you, sidestep the potential awkwardness by saying, ‘I saw this and thought of you.’ ” —Jen Ford, Fashion News Director

“Give someone something she has borrowed or complimented you on. One year, my niece borrowed a pair of sandals and told me she really loved them, so I got her the same pair. She wears them every day and said it was the best gift she ever got.” —Liz Kiernan, Special Sections Director

“Gifts that demand any action on the recipient’s part are annoying. If someone says, ‘All you have to do is go online and register’ or ‘I didn’t have it monogrammed so you just need to pop back in the store,” I know it’s never going to happen.” —Alexis Morgan, Executive Fashion Director

“Scout out someone’s home before you give her a gift so you know her taste.” —Lisa Steinmeyer, Design Director

“Tuck a fresh leaf, sprig or flower under the ribbon of a gift; it makes the wrapping that much more special.” —Anne Keane, Fashion Director