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Kirsten's Favorite Things

Clockwise from left:

“This is Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton. It’s simple and doesn’t have too many tchotchkes; I like that it has no hardware. I use it every day. I’m not kidding: Every. Single. Day.”

“Whenever I’m getting my nails done, I bring a bottle of Chanel. They make the prettiest colors.”

“This is called Passage to Hell. It’s an addictive smell, very spicy and womanly. I usually wear it at night. And I guess I wear it pretty often, because it’s totally empty.”

“I’ve had these A.P.C. shoes for two years and I’ve already had them refinished. I wear them all the time—with dresses, with jeans. They’re really comfortable.”

“I don’t relate to happy poetry. This book is incredibly honest. What can you say that doesn’t sound ridiculously pretentious? She’s fucking Patti Smith.”

“This William Eggleston photograph reminds me of The Virgin Suicides. It’s beautiful.”

“My best friend Molly took me to Disneyland for my birthday last year and I got this [Disney button].”

“I’m such a sucker for a cute dress.”

"Valentino is always feminine. If I'm going to invest in a beautiful piece, I want it to last. My motto is, Shop $10 vintage and save for that special piece you'll have forever."

"A classic outfit in a cheeky color—the top would look nice with that jean skirt, too."


"I love white on blondes—it looks ethereal."

"The secretary look is always good—I like classic silhouettes. But the colors make it not too serious."